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Practice Areas

Growing a thriving business takes guts, determination, drive, and, in today's world, legal expertise.  I can help you build your business from the ground up, choosing the form that best suits your needs.  I can also help with your existing business, negotiating contracts on your behalf, meeting legal and regulatory requirements and negotiating the difficult issues that often mean the difference between failure and success.
Business Formation

Choosing the right form for your business is critical to it's success.  Whether its a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, partnership, or corporation, I can help you decide which type of business is best suited for you.



Business Law

Once you choose your business form, I can help you structure it for success, and negotiate the legal hurdles you'll encounter as you grow and expand.


Corporate Law

As an experienced corporate manager, I know what it takes to run a successful corporation.  I can advise you in establishing, running and governing your corporation legally and efficiently, allowing you to focus on growth.   


Negotiating the right contract for your business means taking a myriad of issues into consideration.  Understanding all of the possibilities and negotiating from a position of strength is the key to success.  I can help you negotiate contracts that will protect and favor your business.


Trademark Registration

Registering your trademark can be a complex and lengthy process.  Getting it right the first time is important.  I can help you through the application process and help you get the legal protection you need for the unique identifiers that make your business special. 

Regulatory Compliance

In today's business environment, regulatory requirements are as important, and as omnipresent as ever.  Negotiating regulatory hurdles, and satisfying regulatory requirements can be a complex, and time-consuming process.  I can help you satisfy those requirements, allowing you to focus on growth.


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